What Are the Benefits of Playgrounds for Children’s Development?

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Playgrounds are extremely important for a child’s development, as there are many different activities that foster development that you might not even be aware of. For example, did you know that even jumping about is beneficial to kids? And that’s even without taking into account jumping in an indoor trampoline park.

So, it is time to learn just how important playgrounds are for kids, no matter if it’s an indoor playground in Avondale, AZ, or a regular outdoor playground.

Why are playgrounds important for children’s development?

In the not so distant past, playgrounds were the best thing in the world for kids, a place of limitless potential for fun and friendship, engagement and excitement, competition and camaraderie. Traditional children’s games were all we needed.

However, in these modern times, the excitement of going to the playground and seeing your friends, playing with them, jumping, rolling, and tumbling is quickly being replaced with equally entertaining surrogates of technology.

Now, we’re not trying to be cantankerous in any way, but the truth is – nothing can nor should replace playgrounds as a healthy entertainment for kids of all ages and stages. Why? Here’s why:

  1. Learning – Children learn a lot, and we mean it, a lot, through playing.
  2. Screen off! – Us again with the screens. Technology is great, but it should never replace real-life hands-on experience children desperately need.
  3. Physical, emotional, social and mental benefits – The mere number of benefits kids get from playing in playgrounds is enough to astound you, and we’ll delve more deeply into that shortly.
  4. Communication – Through play, children learn how to communicate with one another.
  5. Space – Finally, playing with peers provides children with enough space to be themselves and explore their limits.

What are the benefits of playgrounds?

As we’ve already briefly noted, there are numerous and incredible benefits that kids can get from playing with their friends and visiting playgrounds as often as possible. We’ve divided the biggest advantages of playgrounds into four different groups, so let’s see what they are:

Emotional benefits – Playing freely fosters the emotional development of children is many ways:

  • Self-esteem – Playgrounds can offer various challenges to kids. The first time a child tries the monkey bars, success may not come. But, once the monkey bars are conquered, a child will get a confidence boost and a sense of accomplishment, as well as learn the importance of persevering.
  • Emotions – Play helps children try out and develop essential emotions and skills, such as humor, spontaneity, tolerance, imagination, and, most importantly, patience.
  • Bonds – When playing with other kids, children learn how to develop complex emotional bonds, either with their parents by playing with them, or with other kids.

Social benefits – Children don’t just run to the playgrounds to climb the ladders and go down slides. They also want to meet their friends and play with them. Hence, there are many social benefits that playgrounds provide:

  • Social networking – Woah woah, social networking, with kids? Yes, it does sound a bit out there, but playgrounds provide the first real-life experience when it comes to communicating with others and following social norms.
  • Listening – In order to play together, kids need to communicate the rules of the game, and listen carefully to what other children have to say in order to function as a group while playing.
  • Collaborating – Many games children can engage in at playgrounds don’t involve anybody winning or losing, but rather a group working together towards a common goal. And what better way is there to learn how to work together?
  • Independence – Finally, if a child spends some time playing by himself, it provides an invaluable lesson in gaining independence. So yes, playing with others is important, but so is playing alone from time to time.

Creative and mental benefits – There are no limits to children’s imagination, especially when they’re at playgrounds. It’s a great place for them to develop both mentally and creatively:

  • Critical thinking – Through unhinged creative possibilities, children develop situations that help them improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Attention span – Playground games require children to try and maintain their focus and attention for longer than they might be used to, helping them improve their overall attention span.
  • Motor skills – Through engaging in various activities at playgrounds, children greatly improve their motor skills.
  • Leadership – Finally, sometimes, a game needs a leader, which is a perfect opportunity for every child to start learning about an invaluable life skill.

Physical benefits – Finally, and you thought we’d forgotten all about it, let’s see what the biggest physical benefits of play are:

  • Obesity – Children who are regularly active and visit playgrounds often are much less likely to develop childhood obesity.
  • Immune system – Playground play strengthens the immune system.
  • Anxiety – Children have a lot of energy, much more than us, and if you keep it bottled up, anxiety can arise. What better way for children to use that energy than at a playground?
  • Sleep – Children who spend some time playing outdoors sleep better.

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