Why is Jumping that Good for Kids?

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Let’s just get one thing out of the way first – jumping is amazing for kids. If kids jump about when playing outside, they will reap even more benefits from playground time. What’s more, if they go jumping in a trampoline park, this type of play will affect the child’s development very positively.

But, we know that it can be frightening to watch your young child jumping up and down on an indoor trampoline in Avondale AZ. We surely do, as we’ve been through it all. However, since we know just how great it is for kids to soar high, let’s see why jumping is so good for kids.

Why is jumping good for kids?

We feel we can’t overstate this enough – jumping is not just good for kids, it’s great! It is sort of a hidden exercise – kids jump because they enjoy it, not because they feel they have to, which makes it all the more suitable for kids of all ages.

It’s similar to when your kids first begin to walk, then run – they just like doing it, they feel free to experience the world around them on their own and in their own way. And they’re exercising along the way without even knowing it. Now, here are some concrete reasons why jumping is very helpful for children:

  1. Jumping is great for kids who are generally not that keen on sports and other forms of physical activity. They’ll be active while having fun.
  2. Kids have no idea that jumping is actually exercising. They’ll do their own workouts without even being aware of it.
  3. Through jumping, kids start to learn how to control their own movements.
  4. Jumping can help kids improve their posture and increase the flexibility of their bodies.

What are the benefits of jumping for kids?

Now that you’ve got a broader picture of why jumping is good for kids, let’s take a closer look at all the benefits your kids will be getting from jumping about:

  1. Heart: Believe it or not, jumping is a cardio exercise, and it makes the child’s heart stronger and healthier.
  2. Core: When children jump, they activate all of the most important muscle groups in their bodies, especially their core muscles, which they use to both jump and land.
  3. Bones: Bones also get stronger as a result of jumping, as the motion of landing on your feet places just enough stress on the bones to make them very strong.
  4. Coordination: Through jumping, kids begin to understand their bodies a whole lot better, which leads to massive improvements in coordination.
  5. Weight: Jumping is a form of physical activity, and it burns calories, which makes jumping a great method for taking care of any potential weight issues.
  6. Lymphatic system: Jumping also stimulates the lymphatic system, which, in turn, controls the amount of potentially harmful toxins in the body.
  7. Learning: Finally, jumping is beneficial to the process of learning too. Jumping is fun, kids are happy, and, because of that, they learn better.

When can kids jump?

Jumping is probably the last of the physical skills your child will acquire throughout the developmental process, and there’s a good reason – jumping, more than walking, running, climbing, and kicking, requires careful coordination of the entire body.

In general, kids are able to jump after the two-year mark, with some kids mastering this fun and useful skill a bit earlier, and some a bit later. That being said, there are two important aspects of jumping we should point out:

  1. Don’t fret if your kid doesn’t start jumping until the age of three or three and a half. There’s no reason for concern, every child should clear the physical milestones in their own time. Which brings us to our second point;
  2. Don’t force your child to start jumping before it’s time. Be patient, and learn the signs – your child will probably start to shift weight from one foot to the other at about the one-year mark, which means the process is well underway – no need to hasten it.

Is jumping good for babies?

If you’re asking us, we think that kids should do everything in their own time. There’s no reason to place your baby in a jumper, as the benefits of doing so have not been thoroughly researched, while there are talks of numerous risks being involved. Sure, it’s fun, but is it good for your kid?

Let your kids do their own thing at their own pace. Don’t rush it, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and both you and your children should take it nice and slow. Look for the signs, and just then start encouraging your kids to start jumping about.

“Is there an indoor trampoline park near Avondale AZ I can take my toddler to?”

Of course there is, and it’s right in Avondale, very close to Friendship Park. If you’re looking for a safe place where your child can jump to their heart’s desire, but also try out climbing, taking on an obstacle course, and whizzing down a superslide, then come to Uptown Jungle – the greatest indoor playground in Avondale. Stop by and let’s have some fun!