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Uptown Jungle throws the best kids’ birthday parties in the area! Reach out to us and we’ll take all the necessary steps to ensure an unforgettable experience for children and parents both.

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For security reasons, signing the WAIVER is required by anyone entering the park.


Wearing the kids out has never been easier. Get unlimited access to Uptown Jungle all year round when you and your family become Uptown Members today!

Things to Know

Learn useful tips and info about our park before you come to ensure the best play experience!

Our Indoor Playground in Avondale, AZ Brings Ultimate Levels of Fun

Looking for the perfect playground where your kids can burn off energy even on a rainy day? Look no further than Uptown Jungle! We boast a vast selection of fun attractions and games designed to provide kids of all ages with matchless fun and healthy exercise. Don’t let the bad weather spoil the fun! Bring your little ones to our indoor playground and unwind in our parents’ lounge while they jump around and socialize with other kids. Visit us and see why we’re the best among indoor playgrounds in and around Avondale, AZ!

Uptown Jungle: your first choice for fabulous indoor fun

Keeping the kids occupied isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Every activity seems to have an expiry date, especially if you live with toddlers. When there’s nothing left to do inside and it’s too hot outside to visit ISM Raceway or go to Friendship Park, what then? It’s easy! Just stop by Uptown Jungle and let your kids run wild while you take a well-deserved break. Your little ones will never fun out of things to do in our amazing adventure park and you’ll be able to sit back and relax knowing that they are absolutely safe in the hands of our expert staff.

We’ll make your kid’s special day even more special

If you’re looking for the perfect kids’ birthday party venue in Avondale, you’re in luck! We’ll make sure your child and all of their little friends have the best time ever at our great adventure park. Uptown Jungle is the place to be if you want to ensure an unforgettable birthday experience for your kid without having to stress about all the preparation and organization. Just leave everything to us!

Looking for a fantastic indoor playground? We’re #1 in Avondale, AZ

We are not your everyday trampoline park. If we were, we sure wouldn’t be every parent’s first pick when they’re searching for indoor playgrounds. With us, your kids get much more than just a place to jump around. Read on to find out why we’re the best park in Avondale, AZ!

Stimulating Activities for the Body and Mind

Your kids need both physical and mental stimulation to grow up healthy and happy. That’s why a safe indoor environment that provides a wide range of age-appropriate activities is a great place to take your kids on a regular basis. At Uptown Jungle, your kids will get all the exercise they need and be 100% safe while they do it!

Fantastic Activities That Keep Your Little Ones Engaged

You may think that the only way to keep your kid calm is to give them a screen to stare into, but how much else have you tried? We know how short kids’ attention spans are and that’s precisely why we’ve put so much effort into designing all of our attractions and features to provide them with all the variety they need to stay occupied.

The Cleanest Indoor Playground You’ll Find in Avondale

Cleanliness is our prime concern. We stop at nothing to make sure that every inch of our playground is spotless at every time of day. We perform a set of cleaning rounds every day and deep clean the park during the night to make sure that it’s absolutely immaculate when your little ones come in the morning.

A Wonderful Team of Highly Qualified Professionals

Here at Uptown Jungle, we pride ourselves on our amazing staff. Each member is appropriately trained to make every child feel safe and cared for and ensure they socialize with other kids successfully. They give each kid equal amounts of care and attention, making sure they never run out of fun activities to do.

Peerless indoor playgrounds in Avondale, AZ and beyond

The best indoor play area in Avondale is our newest adventure park. We have more! You can also count on unmatched levels of fun at our incredible indoor play area in San Diego or take your kids to the leading indoor playground in Mesa, AZ. What’s more, we are also known and loved for our fabulous Murrieta jump park, a superb indoor playground in Temecula and the absolute best trampoline park in Peoria.

Looking for thrilling indoor playgrounds in Glendale, AZ? Come to Uptown Jungle! Not only that but we’re also your top choice if you’re searching for first-class indoor playgrounds in Chandler, AZ, the finest indoor playgrounds in Gilbert, AZ or a top-notch trampoline park in Henderson, NV. Join the fun at Uptown Jungle today!